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Hello, Welcome to THE HOGWARTS GAMES! We are an AU Hunger Games-Inspired Harry Potter Roleplay. In this dystopian world, 24 students of Hogwarts are forced to fight in a dangerous arena to the death with no idea what's coming their way.

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The 163rd Hunger Gmes Reaping Will Be Soon! If You Want A Better Chance Of Being Reaped, Claim More Tesserae. Happy Hunger Games, And May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour!
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 Frequently Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions   Frequently Asked Questions Icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 9:45 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some Frequently Asked Questions, or answers to answers to questions that we think will be asked.

WHERE DOES HARRY POTTER COME IN? Owlingjays is a Crossover, admittingly slightly more of the Hunger Games than Harry Potter perhaps, but we do allow Wizards in our AU Universe. Although Magic is not allowed unless permitted by the Capitol, it is easy to get away with small things, like having the door open for you, unless a Peacekeeper's walking behind you of course. Because the Capitol destroyed England, Hogwarts does not exist. However, a mandatory field trip is taken each year for each District to England, where the Capitol explains the war in their own words.
HOW OFTEN ARE THE HUNGER GAMES? In Roleplay, the Hunger Games are twice each year. Which means each Winter and Summer, or each Spring and Fall. They will alternate accordingly. In real life, the Hunger Games will take place most likely every few months or so. It depends, a year in roleplay may last three months, or four, depending on how many Reapable characters we have.
HOW DO THE HUNGER GAMES WORK? Our Hunger Games are done party with Coding, and party with a Randomizer. When the time for the Reaping comes, a countdown will most likely happen, and during this time, us staff are gathering the Tributes using a List Randomizer at Also, you will get a chance to claim Tesserae for your character, and remember, depending on your character's age and family member count, they may have more than the others.

Once the Tributes are announced, the owners of the Tributes will have 2 weeks (14 days), for Transportation, and the Pre-Games. This includes the Tribute Parade, the Interviews, the Training, and the Gamemaker Evaluations. After this on day 15, the Tributes will receive the Gamemaker scores based upon the character itself, similar to the book series. The Owners of the Tributes will then have three days (in real life, days 15-17) to rest from all that posting. Then on day 18, the Games will begin.

All deaths, unless clear, are decided by the staff. The Sponsors are allowed to begin sending items (the members of the site not playing), after the first Anthem (the end of Day One).

Each day in the Games will last about 10-12 days. This is approximately 88 days for one Hunger Games, about 3 months (2.9).
IF I JUST JOINED JUST BEFORE THE REAPING, COULD MY CHARACTER SILL BE REAPED? All Tributes are chosen from characters that are reapable and accepted. But if you just joined one week before the Reaping, it is likely that you won't be reaped unless you volunteer.
HOW DOES VOLUNTEERING WORK? Yes, we know everyone wants to be Katniss and say "I volunteer as Tribute!" But, you must know that if your character dies, they actually die in the Hunger Games.

Usually the day of the Reaping, those who wish to Volunteer have 24 Hours as a window to Volunteer. A thread will most likely be posted for Volunteering sign-ups.
WHAT HAPPENS TO THE VICTOR OF THE HUNGER GAMES? The Victor (The Actual Character), will be most likely put in the sidebar or the Header or some announcement will be made that they have won. The Owner of the Victor will make a speech in each District, on the Victory Tour, which will take up 14 Days after the Hunger Games is over. The Owner of the Victor will not have any of their character's reaped for the next Hunger Games and will be given a "Safe Card" for the next year. The Victor's account will also receive an award for winning.

If you feel that we're missing something here, please PM a Staff Member.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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