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Hello, Welcome to THE HOGWARTS GAMES! We are an AU Hunger Games-Inspired Harry Potter Roleplay. In this dystopian world, 24 students of Hogwarts are forced to fight in a dangerous arena to the death with no idea what's coming their way.

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PostSubject: Plot   Plot Icon_minitimeWed Nov 27, 2013 9:27 pm

The Plot

The year is 2000. Not long after Lord Voldemort was defeated forever, the new-found happiness within all of the Wizarding World was taken out of hand and for granted. All of the students at the schools and academies began rebelling against the rules, and acting out. Two main schools, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons were forced by the Ministry of Magic to close down in December of 2000 due to violence and defiance in the young wizards, leaving only one large school left, Hogwarts.

The Ministry of Magic decided not to close Hogwarts, but to expand it and make it better. After learning that Hogwarts was going to be bigger and more up-to-date, the students became elated. In September of 2001, the Ministry announced their changes.

1. All young wizards when of age would be sent to Hogwarts, no other school, and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would become the official school for young wizards ages 13-18, so students would spend 6 years at Hogwarts. Any young wizards under 13 were not allowed to learn their magic until the age of 13.

2. Hogwarts will also begin featuring muggle as well as more advanced wizarding classes. This includes English, Arithmetic, Science, and History.

3. Hogwarts will become more technically advanced, allowing computers, cellular phones, and other technical devices on campus. The use of owls as letter-carriers was no longer needed. Students will also have a set password online that allowed them to contact each other and their Professors if needed.

4. Hogwarts will eliminate all delinquients upon three (3) offenses, meaning that the student will automatically become a tribute in the Hogwarts Games. Hogwarts also has the right to withdraw (take) their magic and their wand if given permission first with a correct form of a trial by the new wizarding jury.

5. The Sorting Hat will become an artifact and put to rest. All students will now be sorted by a new system, the M.O.S.M (Ministry Official Sorting System). A device will identify the characteristics and personality of each house, then call the students by name infront of all of the school in the Great Hall.

6. Each year, a select 24 students, 4 boys and 4 girls from each house will be selected from the Goblet of Fire and become tributes. Then the students will be put into the custody of the Ministry of Magic to undergo training and then sent into an Arena where they will fight each other to the death until one remains. Any student who refuses to participate will be put to death, and anyone who intervenes in the drawing will be put in the selected student's place.

As Hogwarts grows and expands, what will become of the students? Will they fight for their rights? Or will they become forever silenced..

Happy Hogwarts Games, And May The Magic Be Ever In Your Favour!

Strength Always Comes From Within.
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